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Cody made international news when he found his way home 16 days after the Knysna fires in 2017.  He had been without food or water, his digestive system had shut down, and the injuries to his eyes had all but completely blinded him.  By all accounts he should not have survived – and yet, he was found trying to cross the busy N2, just 100m from his home.

Against what seemed insurmountable odds, Cody has made a miraculous recovery (his vision included).  His message to the children, their families, and people across the world, is that anyone has the capacity to heal from their trauma, no matter how severe, provided they are brave enough to find help they need.

He is also living proof that one can live a full, happy life, despite imperfections and scars.  His story has inspired thousands of people throughout the world, and provides powerful metaphors for the children in our programme, who get to meet him “in person”.

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No matter what you've been through, or how bad things might seem... Everyone has the capacity to heal, provided they are brave enough to find the help they need.