Animals Helping Children Open Their Hearts

Animal-assisted Therapy for Children & Families

Healing the Hurt

In addition to their direct benefit, our animal assisted activities double as a form of assessment to determine which children exhibit the greatest emotional dysfunction, putting them most at risk of inflicting harm to self and others.  Those children are likely to be suffering from some form of trauma and are likely to derive the most benefit from individual therapy.

In-school therapy

Where there is a need for therapeutic intervention, we offer weekly animal assisted therapy sessions for individuals.  These sessions are facilitated during school hours, on the school premises, to ensure that the privacy of the child is maintained.  For these sessions, our therapist uses smaller animals such as dogs and guinea pigs, with miniature therapy horses visiting the school on a monthly basis.

Family Therapy

Based on our findings during individual sessions with a child, we may invite his or her family/caregivers for group activities, communication sessions and counselling, thereby addressing pressing issues by assisting the family as a whole.

Empathy Network

An essential component to our service offering is our collaboration with our Empathy Network – a select group of local, established, organisations providing family therapy and counselling services, occupational therapy, parenting workshops, crafting projects, health care and education, skills development programmes, adult education, animal welfare assistance, recreational sports, substance abuse programmes and fellowships… any organisations who are able to provide healing and self-development assistance and support to the siblings, parents and caregivers of the children in our therapy programme.

By working together with various professional resources within our network, we are better able to promote the best possible home environment for the children and their families. We follow up on every referral to ensure that the families are following through and getting the help they need.

If you think your organisation would be a good fit, please write or drop us a line.  We’d love to hear from you.


Many hearts make love work!

Professional Collaborators & Sponsors